School Hours – 5 days  a week. Monday through Friday from 9AM to 12.30 NOON

AGE GROUP – 1.6 yrs to 4 yrs

ADMISSION –  We prefer children within the radius of 5 KM. To get admission please contact the Principal at the contact details provided. Also kindly carry with you a copy of-

  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Parent identity proof
  • Residence proof


TEACHING TEAM – A team of dynamic and experienced teachers who have been trained to use the best practices of the IPC to the advantage of the students.

TEACHER/STUDENT RATIO – There is one senior and one junior teacher in a class of 20 max students

HOLIDAYS – a list of holidays will be provided at the beginning of the academic year. All govt. Holidays are the holidays for the school, besides summer and autumn vacation and autumn break.

TO SCHEDULE A MEETING WITH THE TEACHERS – Call the school contact number to make an appointment with the class teacher. The phone numbers of the teacher will be provided and a tele-conference can be done to discuss concerns regarding your child.

PARENT TEACHERS’ OPEN HOUSE – You will be informed and given specified times. It is very important to meet your child’s teacher every three months to be aware of the overall progress of your child at school. We would like both parents to attend all the meetings.

ASSESSMENT RUBRIC – It’s a regular and continuous process where teachers and parents meet once in two months to discuss and review the overall progress of the child.

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION – For parents who wish to celebrate their child’s birthday in school, kindly contact the class teacher a week in advance so that she has enough time to organize. A cake (only home baked/best quality), potato chips and apple or orange juice is what all children enjoy most. Kindly also send paper plates, glasses, napkins and spoons. The class teacher normally organizes the celebration at ‘snack time’ which lasts about 30 minutes.

CLOTHING – Children are free to wear any clothes which they can take off easily. Parents are requested to send a spare set of labeled underwear with their child every day for the first few months as a precaution. Children don’t like to use unfamiliar clothes.

WITHDRAWING A CHILD FROM SCHOOL –  If a child is leaving the school, parents should inform us in writing a month in advance about the child’s last day at school. We will arrange something special for farewell. It allows both the child and staff to say good-bye to each other.

FEE – Kindly contact the school for details of fee structure.

Management –  to provide more info soon

Health –  Please read the health circular safety adhere to quarantine periods. A doctors certificate must be sent to school when the child returns after the illness.

Security –  To provide more info on that

Infrastructure –  To provide more info on this soon

Special features – To provide more info on this soon

Transportation – we do not run transportation services for picking up children but the school will extend to parents all assistance to form car pools. The staff will assist with the arrival and departure of children to and from the school.

Kindly park and instruct your drivers to park your cars in an organized way to avoid blocking the road in front of the school. Written instruction must be given to the school if the child is to go with anyone other than the person whom he/she normally goes with.