The IPC was founded to strengthen and harmonize early childhood education standards. As an IPC franchise, students will be taught from a curriculum that contains twenty thematic units with seven core content learning areas which include numeracy, language arts, social and emotional skills, social sciences, creative and visual arts, technology and science, and physical development and motor skills. There are approximately a dozen sub-content learning areas such as multiculturalism and current affairs.

In addition, teachers will go undergo training devised by an ex teaching fellow of Harvard University which will provide educators from all academic backgrounds with an interesting and enlightening form of vocational education.

The IPC ‘s objective and research based curriculum meets the standards set by state departments and accreditation organizations. The IPC enjoys global recognition and works closely with governments to amend curricula materials if required to ensure local standard compliance. With the assistance of an advisory committee which consists of peers, consultants and academics, the IPC ensures the rigor and high quality of all published materials.

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